Distraction Averted: Timers & Noise Reduction

working-remotely-2A while back, we shared this article from LinkedIn about working remotely on our social media accounts. This post got a lot of buzz, so we thought it would be a good idea to expand upon it for you all. When discussing working remotely, one of the biggest worries for your employer is that your productivity will decrease when you’re surrounded by your distractions at home or a coffee shop. Today, we’ve got a few ways for you to keep focused no matter where you’re working from.


Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 3.26.00 PMThere’s only so long you can productively work for one sitting, and that amount of time is different for each person. What works for most according to these social scientists is 52 minutes of work paired with a 17-minute break. To help keep track of this, there’s websites like Moosti that keep track of it for you. Moosti lets you pick how long to work, as well as gives you a choice of short or long break (also customizable). Simply click “focus,” “short brk,” or “long brk,” and leave the tab open in the background. The time left will display in the tab name, and once time’s up, you’ll receive an alert.


Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 3.38.14 PM


Toggl is another awesome timing website that can help boost productivity. Toggl keeps track of what you’re doing and can create charts analyzing how you spend your day and what that costs your company. It even works offline! Toggl is built for group work, making it super easy to organize with colors and folders, as well as sharable with coworkers. With its cool, modern design and its easy usability, this website is perfect for keeping on track no matter where you’re at.

Noise Reduction

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 3.49.18 PMIf you’re like me, you’re at your desk all day. That can get long and boring, so many times, I’ll pop in an earbud and get down to work. However, sometimes your office music of choice can get distracting. Suddenly, you’re bopping along to “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” (hey, we all have our guilty pleasure songs) instead of filling in that spreadsheet. If you’re guilty of that, then you’ll want to look into Focus@Will, an online  music service that gives you the perfect type of music to work to. Taking your music preferences into consideration, Focus@Will picks songs at your desired music tempo to get you through the work day without the distraction of George Michael’s entrancing voice.


Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 3.53.27 PM

For me, there’s nothing more soothing than listening to rain sounds. The sound of rain and thunderstorms makes me feel like it’s crummy outside, making me subconsciously work harder and concentrate better. Often times, I will turn on Rainy Moods, sometimes pairing it with some light music, and get down to business. I can still listen to the songs I love, but I’m less tempted to explore what’s going on around me (because I think it’s raining out). It helps me get more done, and it could work for you, too.


Here are just a few tools that can help you keep from being distracted when working remotely. With these ideas, you can get more done in and out of the office and enjoy that beautiful summer weather.