Heart’s Cloud Phones Work For Your Business

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A business telephony solution with cloud phone service creates a high-tech work environment at an affordable cost to businesses.

We may live in a world ruled by texting and social media, but when it comes to business, the telephone still reigns. Larger conversations become simpler and faster when had over the phone. Phone allows for both parties to hear the tone of voice and get a better understanding of emotions. Hearing one another’s voice creates a stronger bond between company and customer and adds a personal touch to corporate communications.

Anyone dealing with phone issues, though, knows the headache major telephones companies can provide. You may be the customer, but they have no problem making you jump through hoops in order to receive proper care. What if you never had to deal with that? What if your company upgraded telephones, providing high-quality technology, without the headache of dealing with phone companies?

HEARTcloud cloud phone services

HEARTcloud makes cloud phone services simple for businesses.

You need better telephony. We have cloud phone solutions.

Meet HEARTcloud, the cloud phone solution from Heart Technologies. HEARTcloud allows businesses to lease cloud phones from Heart. In this agreement, Heart manages your telephony end-to-end, from installation to maintenance. You pay for the service and enjoy high-quality cloud phones; we take care of the rest.

Something truly remarkable about HEARTcloud is that it is web-based. Some of the benefits include:

  • Easy to scale your telephony up or down as your business changes.
  • Calls go through our servers.
    • Lost power? Heart takes your calls, reroute those calls to alternate phones, or send messages to your voice inbox.
  • Pair your voicemail and email to listen to voice messages anywhere your device receives Internet connection.
  • “Twinning” merges your cell phone with your office phone.
    • Make/receive business calls from anywhere with cell signal without giving away your personal phone number.
HEARTcloud cloud phone diagram

HEARTcloud phone solutions are the secure, high-quality telephony services your company deserves.

Now, are you wanting to learn more about HEARTcloud? Of course! Give us a call at 309.427.7000 to find out how cloud phone solutions can make an impact on your business.