Cloud Uses For ANYONE


Clouds are awesome for pretty much anything you do nowadays. So many people are just using clouds for work purposes, though. By using the cloud in your personal life, you just might be amazed at what good it can do for you!

File Storage
Whenever you need something, you can never find it, at least not right away. If you’re like me, this is all too real. Clouds can help, though. Personally, I find this happens all the time with manuals. No one wants to keep manuals because you rarely use them. We store them in some far off corner of your closet or somewhere underneath your bed with old receipts and that ugly sweater your mother-in-law got you that you can’t get rid of. When you need these manuals, though, you can never find them because you’ve put them in the most inconvenient place possible and have probably forgotten exactly where that is. Instead of spending way too much time searching for this, you could save PDF files of your manuals (many of which you can simply Google and save) into a file in your cloud called “Manuals” for easy retrieval when you need it. This could also be useful for things like take out menus.

Sharing Files
Because I have a DSLR camera, I am always in charge of taking pictures for our family events, and in turn, I am in charge of sharing these pictures with everyone. Sometimes, those 25 MB that I’m allowed to send by Google is simply not enough. Clouds help. With a cloud, I can upload all these images into one file, then send a link to the file to everyone. Not only does this make sending a breeze for me, but it allows my recipients to only choose the pictures they want. This saves storage space on their computers and makes these images accessible from any web-enabled device.


DJ Anywhere
I love making playlists. I have playlists for when I work out, when I’m hanging at home, when I’m driving long distances, for when I take a shower, and for basically any activity I want, no matter how mundane it is. Using a cloud to save my playlists is awesome, because now I can access my songs anywhere and on any device. These playlists can be saved and synced as well. This means I can save a playlist to my phone, and when I update the playlist with new songs or delete old ones, my phone will make those same changes. I can also access these synced playlists regardless of Internet connection. This was really helpful when I went abroad. On the plane and even with all data turned off, I could still listen to my music.

The cloud is awesome for working with others. In college, cloud offerings like Google Docs was perfect for team projects that involved papers, slideshow presentations, spreadsheets, and more. As an adult, collaborative cloud tools can still help. If you’re doing any kind of work with coworkers, clouds can help. Even planning an event with friends, family members, or significant others becomes easier with clouds. Use a cloud spreadsheet to create a budget, and anyone can go in and edit the budget as necessary.  Photo montage slideshows are easier when everyone can add their images when it’s convenient for them, and puts less stress on one person compiling everything. With cloud sharing, collaboration is simple and stress-reducing for all.

In total, clouds can do so much more for you than assist with tasks at work. They can bring simplicity to so many other aspects of your life quickly and conveniently. Spend less time searching and organizing files and more time doing what you love.

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