Cloud Types: The Hybrid Cloud

hybrid cloud

Original from Flickr: NEC Corporation of America

The term “hybrid cloud” elicits a very distinct mood. To me, it sounds like some kind of crazy Transformer-like system that is the result of odd cross-breeding. To others, it reminds them of hybrid cars, giving off the feeling of green living. A hybrid cloud, though, is a connecting cloud system that serves as a hub for different clouds to share information with one another.

Think about an octopus. It has one body that connects eight limbs together. Think of a hybrid cloud as an octopus. These eight tentacles each hold one cloud, meaning that all of these clouds are, in a way, connected. This is what the hybrid cloud does: it connects these clouds together without combining them together. Instead, it serves as a means for information to shared from one cloud to another (or one tentacle to another) without full access to one or the other.

octopus hybrid cloud

The hybrid cloud can be used to unite public clouds and private clouds to share information This ability allows for all clouds to maintain the privacy they desire while still being able to share the information necessary. Increased flexibility for your business and information sharing? Sign us up!

A hybrid solution like this is perfect for healthcare facilities. Anyone providing healthcare services has an abundance of information that needs to be kept secure. These facilities also will need to share some of this information with other healthcare providers. If a patient visits the emergency room and then is referred to a specialist for a checkup later, the records and reports from the ER visit need to be shared with the specialist’s office. Hybrid clouds offer these two facilities to share the records and reports specified while maintaining confidentiality over everything else.

hybrid cloud

Flickr: NEC Corporation of America

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