CIMS: Improving the Nurse Call System

CIMS nurse call redefinedWhether you work in a hospital or have seen an episode of Grey’s Anatomy, you know that hospital is a busy place. There can be nonstop movement and excitement as patients are admitted, released, monitored, and cared for. With so much commotion, it can be easy for nurses and hospital staff to miscommunicate. These lapses can lead to bigger issues, such as poor care for a patient and negative impression of your facility. Heart understands the importance in simple, streamlined communication, and that is why we have our own centralized information messaging system, or CIMS, designed with the medical field in mind.

CIMS is a vendor-agnostic messaging system customized to fit your needs, connecting your team with quick, streamlined communication for optimal efficiency and superior patient care. This system is simple and reliable. Since there is no set vendor (meaning it can be integrated on any vendor), the use of CIMS can reduce or replace the need for pagers, cell phones, computers, scanners, security cameras, and radio systems on hospital floors. Since all of these functions are conveniently located in one device, CIMS offers quicker response times, enhancing the experience for both staff and patients.


This system was designed to be simple so that all can quickly pick up on how to use it, regardless of how tech-savvy the user is. This clean user interface provides consistent, reliable communication from all collected vendor sources allowing users to accept, augment, and account for all activity.

For example, if a nurse call alert is received, the entire group will be notified. When one person accepts the task, the group is alerted who has agreed to accept the task and at what time he/she agreed. CIMS allows pictures, text, and documents to be included in messages, providing clear information in cases of emergency or standard routine calls. Since times are recorded, performance reports can be taken from this data. The collected information can be used to improve overall productivity for your employees, resulting in improved comfort levels for patients during their stays.

CIMS is more than a mere messaging device. Connecting your CIMS devices to life safety and security devices can greatly improve the capabilities of this system. Video surveillance is available on any device, so checking in on a room can be done from any location in the facility. In an emergency, such as a fire or severe weather, CIMS phones can be alerted immediately, allowing for safety directions, including evacuation plans, to be included.

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Improve your patient care with CIMS.
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CIMS devices can provide your facility with a multitude of benefits. Notifications of critical alerts that require immediate attention are instantaneously sent to your staff, meaning that everyone is in the loop at all times. Streamlined communication enables nurses to answer patients’ calls directly, improving patient care and workflow. Group notifications and messaging also provides nurses with a quick and easy platform for communication between staff members. The ability to monitor your building from anywhere enhances your safety and security. All of these improvements to your workflow will also allow for more time and money to be devoted to your practice, increasing the level of satisfaction your patients receive.

While CIMS was created for the medical field, this system can be adapted for any field. From education to government to business and more, there are so many ways this system can fit for any organization.

If you think CIMS is right for you, we’re ready to help! Our toll-free line was created just for CIMS customers. Call 844.667.8546 today to start your path to better business.