Working Remotely Never Sounded So Good


We are officially in summer. The sun is shining, the days are longer, and we’re dreading going into the office more and more. On beautiful days, it can be tough to work inside when you’re longing to be in the outdoors. Today’s technology allows you to get the best of both worlds by working remotely.

There’s this little thing called unification, and it’s pretty cool. Unification allows you to synchronize your devices together. You may have this set up on your iPhone and MacBook. Your calendar, contacts, messaging, and more can be accessed on any device you have synchronized. Similarly, your work devices, such as e-mail, phone, Safari bookmarks, and more, can be synchronized on your devices. By doing so, you can work from anywhere: your patio, a Starbucks, the pool, or the local library.

Throughout July, we’ll be bringing you resources for working remotely, such as apps and websites, tips and tricks, and a few surprises as well. You won’t want to miss a single post, trust us.

If unification sounds like something you’re interested in, Heart can help! Check out our Communications services, and give us a call at (309) 427-7000 to set up a meeting to discover the potential for your business.