Who Should Win Great HEART Give? Week 2

Make sure you vote today! Which Great HEART Give 2016 finalist should win the $10,000 technology grant from Heart?

NOTE: You may only be able to vote once per device on this poll. Each voter should plan on using a separate device to cast their vote.


All votes are verified manually to ensure they were cast in line with contest rules. Therefore, numbers displayed as “results” may not be accurate, and numbers only reflect the votes cast in this specific poll (does not include social media voting, in person voting, etc.).


You can vote in person today as well! Make twice the impact by voting in person at Springfield Business Connections today from 1–7pm! The event will take place at Prairie Capital Convention Center. For more information on this event, and all other in-person voting events, click here.

Your involvement in this contest doesn’t have to end there, though! Share information about Great HEART Give with your social media friends and followers. It’s easy to include links so they can quickly and simply access more information. You may even want to tell them who you’re supporting and why this cause means so much to you. This may be the factor that helps your nonprofit win it all!

This week’s voting ends TONIGHT at 11:59PM! Remember, there’s more than one way to vote this year. For all the information, visit our Great HEART Give website.