We Have a Winner! Great HEART Give 2016

winner great heart give

Folks, the ballots have been counted, the likes and comments are tallied, and the people have spoken. We thank everyone for an exciting and spirited competition this year. Our finalists have taken the intention of this competition to heart (pun somewhat-intended) and brought in fun, exciting ways to engage their supporters and bring their votes in!

Without further adieu, this year’s Great HEART Give winner is…

CenterForPreventionOfAbuse winner


Congratulations, The Center for Prevention of Abuse, you have won a $10,000 technology grant to be used to improve and upgrade your technological needs! As a refresher, this is what The Center for Prevention of Abuse said they would like to do with their winnings:

“Our primary need is to replace two servers that are 8 years old and functioning at capacity while our data requirements continue to increase. We are also in need of updated desktop and laptop computers for a number of staff.”

We would like to take a moment and thank ALL of our nonprofit finalists. You have inspired us with your missions and gone above and beyond to make this year a true competition.

Thank you to all who liked, commented, shared, followed, voted, and visited with us over the last month. We appreciate you taking time out of your lives to show your support for these nonprofits and their communities.

Be on the lookout next January for information on Great HEART Give 2017 and how you can become next year’s winner!

Great HEART Give 2016 Voting