Social Media Voting: Week One

Great HEART Give 2016 Voting

Happy Monday Great HEART Give supporters!

For our first week of social media voting, we are asking nonprofit supporters to go to our Facebook page, “like” Heart Technologies, and comment saying who they are voting for in Great HEART Give!

We ask you to “like” us and encourage our nonprofit finalists to help spread this message. This is because for the remainder of the competition, we will be posting things on our Facebook about Great HEART Give, reminders of when and how to vote, updates, information about our finalists, and anything else related to the contest.

Liking Heart Technologies on Facebook also allows for us to help spread your nonprofit’s message and involvement. Facebook posts can get lost in the mass amount of messages. Having two accounts, one of those being Heart’s, promoting your involvement will help increase the amount of people receiving the message. Also, the nonprofit is unable to post about the contest in time for the daily voting, then your supporters will receive the message at least once because they also like Heart Technologies.

social media voting likesRULES

Each account can only comment once. More than one comment will still result in only one vote for the selected nonprofit. Only comments from accounts that like Heart Technologies will be accepted. If you have already liked Heart Technologies before voting has taken place, that is fine! There is no need to unlike and like again. In that case, simply comment and tell us who you are voting for. Voting will be from 12:00AM to 11:59PM on Tuesday, April 12 (Central Standard Time). Any comments before or after this will not be counted.

great heart give nominations voting

In Person Voting Starts Thursday!

Come on out to East Peoria Chamber’s Business After Hours at Eastport Banquet Center. This event is being co-hosted by Heart Technologies and Barrack’s Hospitality Group. All are welcome to come and cast their vote in person! Each in person vote will count for double.

For those who will not be able to make it, visit our blog on Thursday to tell us who you’re selecting for Great HEART Give from 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM CST.