Great HEART Give Nominations Closed–Then What?

great heart give nominationsGreat HEART Give nominations have come to a close. We would like to take a moment and say how appreciative we are for so many Great HEART Give nominations submitted. It is so exciting to see the positive feedback, and we have enjoyed learning more about the organizations in our community with each incoming submitted form. Now, no more submissions are being accepted, and the finalists will be announced on April 8. But wait–that’s a whole week away! Yes, it is, but once top contenders are announced, the real fun begins.

Every Great HEART Give contest gives us new insights into how nonprofits run. We are able to learn what are the priorities overall for these organizations, what resources they have and don’t have, etc. We take these insights and adapt our contests each year to find the best fit for local organizations. What is going to give us all the best ROI–spreading the message of these nonprofits while getting them vote and using a fair amount of energy on everyone’s parts.

One of the main takeaways we love about Great HEART Give is that it provides the opportunity for nonprofits to spread their message. With limited budgets come limited resources and limited helping hands. It’s hard to try something new, invest in a new idea, or even find time to create social media accounts when time and money are stretched thin. This seems to be the case for many nonprofits, as the biggest portions of their funds goes to their cause. Things like social media and mail outreach can be very beneficial, but sometimes we don’t have the time to sit down and craft something. We understand this issue for nonprofits, and this year, we are taking strides with our contest to motivate our finalists to spread their messages while doing what we can to make the process as easy as possible.

This year, we are combining different methods of voting so that all nonprofit supporters can contribute their voices. Our methods are as follows:

great heart give nominations social media voting
Social Media Voting

This year, we will have voting on social media every Tuesday of the month-long voting period. We will not require every finalist to have a Facebook account or social media presence, but it will be strongly encouraged considering this is a part of the voting process and can produce great support for nonprofits at a low or zero-cost. On Tuesdays, we share something on behalf of each nonprofit finalist. This may be a video, a picture, or something else! It will then be up to that nonprofit to get supporters to “like” or comment on their post. Each “like” will count for one vote, while each person’s comment will count for  five votes. Note that each person’s comment will only be counted once. For example, if Karen comments three times in favor of Nonprofit A, Nonprofit A will only receive 5 votes for Karen’s comment, despite the fact that she commented three times.

great heart give nominations noting on computer
In Person Voting

While we are definitely tech people, we understand that not everyone is. That’s why this year, we have brought back in-person voting. We have several events in each community serve, and we encourage nonprofits to get their supporters to these events to vote in person. Simply find Heart Technologies and our Great HEART Give voting station at East Peoria Business After Hours, Springfield Business Connections, Decatur Chamber Business Expo, or McLean County Chamber Business Expo to cast your vote on our voting platform created specifically for these events. Each vote cast in person will count for 20 votes, so it is strongly encouraged to get your supporters out to these events!

great heart give nominations voting
Online Voting

We will also be hosting online voting on Thursdays. While in-person voting is provides the largest “bang for your buck” as far as vote counts go, we know it may not be possible to get voters to an event when it is outside of your community. This gives all nonprofit supporters the opportunity to vote for their organization of choice even if being there in person is not possible. Each online vote will count for ten votes. The last week of voting will have polls open ALL WEEK to help all our finalists finish strong!

There you have it! Although Great HEART Give nominations may be closed, the excitement has not ceased. This year is destined to be one for the books with multiple ways of voting and getting your supporters involved. We hope that this year will provide success for all of our finalists, and that even if they do not win the $10,000 technology grant, they can walk away with more community awareness. For more information on Great HEART Give, visit our website here.