Springfield Ribbon Cutting & Open House

ribbon cutting image

The Story of Springfield

It’s crazy to think that just a few years ago, Heart Technologies breaking ground in Springfield was merely a dream. Heart began in 1988 in the Peoria area. After adding our Decatur branch to the mix over a decade ago, Heart saw great success.

We longed to expand more and more into central Illinois–the heart of our business. Springfield, with its rich history and government influence, became a top choice. Over the two years, Heart has dedicated its efforts towards Springfield. We first moved into a temporary facility before investing an updated our own bricks and mortar on 11th St. Since then, Heart’s dedicated Springfield team diligently works to boost our presence in the community.

 Our Springfield Branch before Ribbon Cutting

Making our Mark

On Thursday, August 11, Heart Technologies hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony at our Springfield branch. We invited anyone and everyone into our building as we cut the ribbon and celebrated our recently renovated space. As the ribbon fell to the floor, the crowd cheered. That’s when the real fun began!

After our ribbon cutting ceremony, Heart welcomed all to stay for an open house. Mexican favorites, such as supreme nacho dip and cheesy quesadillas, and chicken fajita spreads, were made available throughout the office. The front desk quickly transformed into an indoor bar with its very own waitstaff! Bartenders doled out margaritas, Coronas, iced tea, and more to our guests. After enjoying an evening of refreshing drinks, tasty treats, and good conversation, we encouraged guests to take a bag of delicious popcorn from Pease’s, a local favorite!

Heart Team at Springfield Ribbon Cutting

Reminiscing on our Ribbon Cutting

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A big thank you to all that attended!