Bradley University: Take Your Technology to HEART

Heart Table at Bradley Activities Fair

At HEART Technologies, we always try to get our name out in the community. As we continue to grow our business, we find new opportunities to get in front of community members and share our services.

When it comes to Apple repairs, we want Peoria to know that we are here to provide Apple-quality service to your Mac, MacBook, iPad, iPod, and more. When looking for an opportunity to spread this, we found a market in students.

At Bradley University, Apple computers can be found all over campus. Some Bradley colleges require Apple computers for all students, while others opt for Macs because of their virus protection, collaboration with other Apple devices (such as iPhone), and reliability. Regardless, between midterms, finals, projects, and more, any laptop is in danger of malfunction and/or crashing.

In general, when your computer crashes, life becomes more difficult. You must find out what is wrong with the computer, verify that you cannot fix the problem yourself, and search for a place to service your Mac. This becomes increasingly difficult when you live on your own in college.

Bradley University MacBook College Dorm

Flickr: Sadie Hernandez

As a freshman, my MacBook crashed my second semester at Bradley University. It became a nightmare trying to figure out where to take it, finding someone to drive me, etc. At the time, Heart Technologies was not servicing Apple products. Throughout my next four years at Bradley (and year and a half as an intern at Heart Technologies while attending BU), I found that many people’s Macs needed service throughout college (whether it be a tune-up or more), yet so few knew that an Apple Authorized Service Provider was just a few miles away.

For that reason, Heart Technologies hosted a table at Bradley’s Fall Activities Fair. With coupons and handouts, our marketing coordinator and Apple repair specialist informed the students that we are here for them. Malfunctioning technology is stressful, but that doesn’t mean the repair process needs to be. Heart is here for our community–including Bradley students and staff–for any Apple-related needs.

Bradley University coupons

Heart Technologies passed out coupons to students and staff of Bradley University.