Top Mobile Trends of 2016

When it comes to technology, one of your first thoughts should be mobile. We are always on the go, and in 2015, 51% of all web connectivity happened on mobile devices. The numbers are only growing from here. When using mobile devices, messaging rules. Business Insider states that the top four messaging apps have close […]

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Hospital Hackers

If there’s one thing for sure, it’s this: Hackers have no boundaries. When many of us think of hacking, we think of spying on webpages, stealing personal data, and spending incredible amounts of money on our bank accounts. As we know, though, hackers are targeting companies with huge databases to get the information they desire. […]

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What is IoT?

If you’re looking into any tech-related news or articles lately, you’ll recognize the acronym “IoT.” Just about everything is somehow related to IoT or mentioning IoT or hey, maybe they’re just throwing in “IoT” to seem relevant. After a solid two months of scanning article after article and title after title referencing IoT, I had […]

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