Security Breaches: A Growing Concern

Network security infringements can bring a business to its knees: A recent CISCO report shared that more than one-third of businesses experiencing a security breach in 2016 reported losses exceed 20% across customers, opportunities, and revenue levels. More alarming within the report, is that only 56% of security alerts are investigated with less than half […]

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IT Goes Mobile: Top Apps for IT Staff

There’s an app for that. Remember those commercials? That campaign was launched in early 2009, and while Apple (and everyone else) is so over that phrase, it still rings true. Now, IT staff and administrators can take their work with them thanks to mobile apps. We’ve compiled a few awesome apps just for your IT […]

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Uncovering Shadow IT

It’s on your computers. It’s on your smartphones. It’s on your devices. It’s shadow IT , and it could be lurking in your office. Shadow IT may not be the scariest sounding thing, but trust that it’s capabilities can cause great problems–or great success–for your company. First thing’s first, what is shadow IT? Shadow IT […]

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